Stephen Bentley Design

Stephen Bentley brings years of diverse experience to every project he takes on.

He started his interest in practicing design while attending some college way back when, before Macs even. Steve was running the art gallery for a semester, and found himself creating posters and invitations to promote the shows. This led to some freelance work, continuing after graduation as he served croissant sandwiches to hungry tourists gawking at Boston. He then learned desktop publishing in it's infancy at a small design firm, leading quickly to a Design Director job in Harvard Square.

In 1993, Steve set off on his own, fielding design and illustration jobs like Dustin Pedroia at Little League batting practice. Some highlights:

Graphic design for the first House of Blues.

Graphic support for computer animation for the 1995 movie "Johnny Mnemonic."

Ten years of market research field work for Olson Zaltman Associates. Traveled the world creating Photoshop collages in real time to help participants express their thoughts and feelings about given topics. Also used the process to bring corporate team leaders together on marketing goals. Worked closely with teams from large corporations structuring global marketing campaigns and ad agencies helping smaller clients.

Twenty years designing marketing materials for the Boston Early Music Festival.

Began designing websites and consulting on information design toward the end of the last century.

Three years as Design Director with a Boston media company. Created the working visuals for a laptop sales presentation enabling Yellow Pages sales force to customize presentations for individual New England businesses. Designed and illustrated entire interface, with over 60 step-frame animated modules and interactive scrolling map of New England, years before Google Maps.

Three years designing trade show graphics and supporting materials for Textron Systems, including for the Paris Air Show and Farnsborough International Air Show in the UK. Also created conceptual renderings and print ad campaigns.

For the past decade and a half. Steve has been taking and exhibiting photographs. He has recently been offering notecards of some of his pictures.

Steve lives with his wife and two Cairn Terriorists in a 220-year-old sea captain's house in Newburyport, MA.